Still here

Well I have had a comment, woohoo, this has inspired me to keep going.


Today well today started with a start when the phone rang, my work,   I had slept in due to the fact that 1. I didn`t set the alarm. 2. Ithought I was on a late shift. 3. I hadn`t checked my diary the previous evening. well not in that order but you get the picture. Needless to say I looked rather crabby when I got into work,  worked few hours later to make up.

I am currently trying to understand legal speak as I am disputing a bill and I am having to check Scottish laws/bills /acts on this, its all rather double dutch to me, but where there`s a will there`s a way.  Speaking of  double dutch I am curently remortaging and there`s more legal speak to read through. We really should get some of this at primary school when there is more room up top to take it in. School really doesn`t prepare one for the jungle out there.

Must dash as its Friday and I have some relaxing to do….bring it on



or ladas

was a good car

ooo this is my first time.

hi I am a blog virgin, so bear with me as I try to find my feet. Love looking at blogs not so sure If I am reliable enough to do this on a regular basis as I am so full of ideas and go off on tangents. I have various projects on the go and need to slow down the old head and just finish some of them. I mainly love to recycle and customise. Well thats me a little overwhelmed at this new experience and feel the need for a wee cup of tea.

Hello world!

peek aboo