Packing is such sweet sorrow (via thegirlhasgone)

fabulous, inspiring on blog writing, packing and travelling, I want to cry abut the cinema you described it beautifully…………..whom ever meets you on your travels are truely fortunate

Packing is such sweet sorrow A torn ticket stub. It's yellow and has a tear down the middle, stopping short of the only black text on there which says 'admit one'. At first glance, it seems indistinguishable from the rest of the seemingly random and yet useless paper products that seem to inhabit my room which have only been unearthed whilst packing. Old newspapers, alw … Read More

via thegirlhasgone



PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE  can someone HELP me, I have been looking at other blogs and I am really really stuck. How do I add other links so that they are visable on my blog , down the right hand side, so viewers if so inclined can click on them and see the other shtuff  I like??? for example  (  awaiting with baited breath…

This week

This week I have mostly been eating kit kats

oops made a mistake

YES I know it is Amiga not Atari , as mentioned in previous entry.  Well now that that has been corrected I may as well add my days activities. I managed to get a bit of painting done as in decor not art, althoughI have been known to dabble in the old painterly fashion.. I might even upload some of my shtuff when I feel in the mood, trouble is these days, I am not in the mood very often for anything, its not depression as I am not the least bit down just no omph!!! anyhoo painted one wall and measured the kitchen as needs a new ceiling, think I may photograph my progress,which reminds me I need to find the bloody thing first, camera that is not kitchen, I have no problemo finding the kitchen as my waist measurements will testify. Sooo I guess tomorrow is camera finding day then its back to work Friday @ Slaves R`Us, so no more Phaffing about. I have had five days to do the painting and tomorrow is my last day and only one wall done, heehee how time flies..


its been a while

Weel here I am still lying in the same bed however I have been making some modifications.. I am nearer to completing a project also i have a cunning plan which will hopefully be fullfilled nxt year. Preperation preperation ..


Had a bit of a clear out..why do I store half of this shtuff/junk I may say.(.I mean why do I have two Atari Commodore 600`s) is this a common affliction in modern times ,not the Atari`s the hoarding, or is it something we have always  done in  or is it just moi??? mm not sure if I want that answered.

Pics to follow, at some point in the not to distant future, with one of my projects. hope it work out eyes crossed…

Oh if my plan works I will be doing a bit of travelling…………..oo am all excited..