its been a while

Weel here I am still lying in the same bed however I have been making some modifications.. I am nearer to completing a project also i have a cunning plan which will hopefully be fullfilled nxt year. Preperation preperation ..


Had a bit of a clear out..why do I store half of this shtuff/junk I may say.(.I mean why do I have two Atari Commodore 600`s) is this a common affliction in modern times ,not the Atari`s the hoarding, or is it something we have always  done in  or is it just moi??? mm not sure if I want that answered.

Pics to follow, at some point in the not to distant future, with one of my projects. hope it work out eyes crossed…

Oh if my plan works I will be doing a bit of travelling…………..oo am all excited..

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