oops made a mistake

YES I know it is Amiga not Atari , as mentioned in previous entry.  Well now that that has been corrected I may as well add my days activities. I managed to get a bit of painting done as in decor not art, althoughI have been known to dabble in the old painterly fashion.. I might even upload some of my shtuff when I feel in the mood, trouble is these days, I am not in the mood very often for anything, its not depression as I am not the least bit down just no omph!!! anyhoo painted one wall and measured the kitchen as needs a new ceiling, think I may photograph my progress,which reminds me I need to find the bloody thing first, camera that is not kitchen, I have no problemo finding the kitchen as my waist measurements will testify. Sooo I guess tomorrow is camera finding day then its back to work Friday @ Slaves R`Us, so no more Phaffing about. I have had five days to do the painting and tomorrow is my last day and only one wall done, heehee how time flies..


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