A little jaunt

Orf to London this weekend. Few food deals on, eating out, plus its my sons birthday. Also catch up with my sister as I was not on top form last time she was up, a bloody virus hanging on me from summer past. I plan to do a bit of exploring as usually end up visiting same places as usual in London, one does become a crearure of habit, I aim to break this so walking shoes will be packed.


For the Love of Scotland

I joined the SNP on 1st February 2017, just after the vote in the Commons on invoking Article 50. I’ve no doubt this will irritate some of my friends (who are members of other parties) and baffle others (I’m English and live in Belgium). Here’s why I have done it. Firstly, I love Scotland. I […]

via Why I have joined the SNP — The Great British Moronathon

Im no procastinator

Ha  it ADD/ADHD…all the mental anguish for all those years. Now Im on as even a keel as one can can get with ADD, trying and finding ways to manage and organise my life.

The wrong side of history

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The cow in the caravan

Source: The cow in the caravan

Feminism Friday – “Feminists Look for Stuff to Get Mad About”


Source: Feminism Friday – “Feminists Look for Stuff to Get Mad About”