Anger after The Sun photoshops out WW2 veteran from Remembrance Sunday service

The Sun has sparked anger after it photoshopped out a war veteran who was attending a Remembrance Sunday service with Jeremy Corbyn. The Sun has now deleted the vile article – which was attem…

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UK Government betrays Scotland’s Islands on renewables

Na h-Eileanan an Iar MP Angus MacNeil says the decision of the UK Government to deny support to island renewables is an ‘epic kick in the teeth’ for the Scottish islands and will threaten the…

Source: UK Government betrays Scotland’s Islands on renewables

A thistle grows in the rubble

an excellent piece

Wee Ginger Dug

Back in the 1960s when I was a wean, if you were bright enough you could go to uni for free, there was an NHS that was safe and secure, there were nationalised blue trains that were the height of modernity, and when you left school you could get a job for life. My parents enjoyed opportunities that had been denied to their parents.

It wasn’t a paradise. It was very far from that. There were evil Tories aplenty, and they enjoyed a significant support in Scotland from the big drum banging brigade. Sectarianism and racism were rampant and socially acceptable, the dread question what school did you go to was asked at job interviews. Homophobia wasn’t just commonplace, it was obligatory. But there was a Labour party to act a bulwark, a defence against the worst excesses of the establishment and the bosses. We felt that Labour stood on…

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One finished project

Well maybe half finished. A repair on a 1970`s lamp that had been damaged. I have repaired the base  and now just need to find lamp holder to fit then add the shade back on. I am not sure if the lamp shade really matches and wither I should customise it or leave it as it is, you know for monetary value should I want to sell it on. Maybe I should put up pics and ask for votes?


My next project I will photograph, now that I own a camera, and add a before then after picture. Ooo now won`t tha tbe grand. It has taken me ages to afford a camera so I am so chuffed. I now also have a andriod phone so I can also take pics with it and post them right away.WooHoo. Now I just need to kinda get into the habit.

the worst thing than bein…

the worst thing than being blindis, having sight but no vision.


This is not F*”@NG science you C**@S

Yes they like to think this is in the name is science. It is NOT..

Packing is such sweet sorrow (via thegirlhasgone)

fabulous, inspiring on blog writing, packing and travelling, I want to cry abut the cinema you described it beautifully…………..whom ever meets you on your travels are truely fortunate

Packing is such sweet sorrow A torn ticket stub. It's yellow and has a tear down the middle, stopping short of the only black text on there which says 'admit one'. At first glance, it seems indistinguishable from the rest of the seemingly random and yet useless paper products that seem to inhabit my room which have only been unearthed whilst packing. Old newspapers, alw … Read More

via thegirlhasgone

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